In Politics on November 7, 2008 at 12:02 pm

Potential Setback for Proposition 8 Supporters

San Francisco, CA — Appellate Court Judge Lance Piersall, explaining, “This is a court of law, not a church – you can’t have it both ways here,” ruled today that Tuesday’s passage of Proposition 8, the ballot referendum banning gay marriage, rendered heterosexual marriage unconstitutional.

The Judge went on to explain his ruling:

“The Court finds all arguments presented in this matter supporting marriage between ‘one man and one woman’ to be faith-based in their nature and inherently in violation of the legal separation between church and state.

The Court sees the only remedy that would permit such faith-based marriage would fall under the ‘equal protection’ statute prohibiting discrimination based on religion. However, the Court also finds this remedy to be rendered moot, as no discrimination exists against heterosexual couples wishing to marry, insofar as they are no longer being denied any rights or privileges afforded non-heterosexual couples.”

He then added somewhat cryptically, “Let’s see how those IRS bastards deal with this one.”

It is now up to supporters of Proposition 8 to make the next move, but they may have to do it without the support of the Mormon Church, which not only encouraged its members to actively campaign for the referendum’s passage, but also contributed $25 million towards the effort.

“I think the prevailing sentiment of the Latter-Day-Saints is to let the Baptists and Methodists take it from here,” said Church campaign organizer Luke Smith, speaking on condition of anonymity, “We’ve gone more than the extra mile in the name of inter-faith unity. After all, it’s not like that ‘one man-one woman’ thing was our idea.”


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